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Adwool Review

Innovative Solution to Monetize Your Traffic

This review is dedicated to provide you information about Adwool Affiliate Network. It’s targeted to convert your traffic into revenue. Experienced professionals of this company are dedicated to develop, implement and service the best solutions with the best revenue results under perfect conditions. The service is equipped with smart analytical statistics, so that you will be able to watch the track record of the marketing efforts you implemented in your campaigns.

Network Details

  • Company Name: Adwool
  • Service: Mobile Network Monetization
  • Country: China
  • Minimum Payment: 100 USD
  • Commission Type: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPR
  • Payment Frequency: Net-30, Net-15, Weekly
  • Payment Method: Wire, Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney

Basic Features

Main benefits of this service will make you sure that it is the best service for your effective Affiliate Marketing campaigns.

ROI objectives to meet tool for your business strategy. The targets you set for your business are achievable under support of this service.

Broad Targeting: global access to campaigns to target from Japan to the USA.

Experts Support:  under cooperation with company professionals your campaigns will be set with the best possible options.

Analytics: optimization of your high-profit campaigns is possible under support of this company.

Scam Protection: traffic monitor system allows you to monitor the quality of traffic you have.

The App is developed both for web-masters and for content owners. These groups of customers are welcome to join the system. 2 options of sign in available with this App system. You can have advertiser and publisher accounts. To register you have to provide your company details including the name, address, contact data, traffic sources, etc. To sign in as a publisher you are required to answer several questions. Actually registration is simple and not loaded with stupid requests. Just everything they need to start your account.

adwool-review2Publisher Benefits

Actually, both publisher and advertiser accounts have their distinctive features. Becoming a publisher, you will have daily access to 1500 campaigns, direct offers. You will have the persona account accessible 24/7, whole range of the countries, OS and devices.

Advertiser Benefits

Advertiser account will give you the following benefits:

  • No risk promotional model
  • 150 countries coverage
  • Downloads per week
  • Campaigns customization
  • Traffic of high quality
  • Result-effective payment system in Digits

1 150 customers have already joined this affiliate network and monetize their content successfully with an average 2.67 USD daily payout from 10+ mio apps downloads  in total. You can join this network for the best and fast result! For your information, the average support service response period is 4 minutes, and the network has 184 new offers every day.

Network Right for You

All you need in Affiliate Marketing are supported by this company system; you will have everything you need to meet your business objectives under full control of in-built system of analysis.

Professional staff of this company implements new programs for the clients daily, so your campaigns stay revenue-effective and fresh day-by-day! You won’t be bored with this service; every day will bring you new solutions for marketing oriented campaigns.

This Adwool review is full of benefits for publishers and web-masters, besides you can check other users’ reviews to make sure that this network is reliable, effective, friendly to communicate and easy to use.  Join it to have perfect solution for your business!